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A private, academic Research Resource on Nontoxic Printmaking | Essays on Printed Art Safer Painting Art and Health | Graphic Innovation | Non-Hazardous Practice, Methods and Materials | Solvents and VOCs | Art & Science | Wellness in Professional Art Practice  |  Health and Safety in the visual Arts and Crafts

Our mission is the advancement of knowledge and research in the field of safe art practices. 

Founded in 2003/04 by F. Kiekeben, J.H. Shaw, and Keith Howard.

Published as a private resource in collaboration with many authors & advisors who contribute through research, invention, art practice, authorship, materials research, medical and scientific work.


Willy Bo Richardson in his Santa Fe studio




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Having been an art student through graduate school as well a teacher at undergraduate level, I have first hand experience of what is being taught in terms of health and safety in art classes. Unfortunately most art school class rooms would be shut down immediately if they were science labs. There is a strange assumption that artists and art students are cavalier adventurers willing to put their lives at stake for their research and discoveries. It is true we are cavalier. It is not true we want to die young, or encounter health issues. 
Many dangerous and toxic situations students and artists put themselves in can be easily averted by using less toxic materials and using best practices in the studio. It is only a matter of proper information. Resources like nontoxicprint are vitally important to the wellbeing and longevity of artists and art teachers. 
Willy Bo Richardson 



Your site,, has demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership in the realm of non-toxic printmaking techniques and environmental issues. 

In today’s interconnected world, where global challenges demand collaborative solutions, your site has truly stood out as a beacon of progress. Their unwavering commitment to building a human network of researchers and artists has played a pivotal role in addressing the complexities of non-toxic printmaking techniques, transcending geographical boundaries, and fostering sustainable practices on a global scale.